how it all began

Brothers Dan and Vince Berry met Dan Turner at Syracuse University in 2007. The three were members of the university's men's rowing team, where they helped lead the team to its first National Finals appearance in 30 years.

After graduation, Dan Berry served in the U.S. Army, Vince in the U.S. Air Force, and Dan Turner began work as a mechanical engineer. The three kept in touch and, ultimately, their fond memory of post-boat racing celebration mixed with their love of healthy, hand-made alcohol led them to discover mead.




the Oaken Shell process

Oaken Shell mead takes approximately 30 days to turn from raw ingredients to final product. We start by making a "must," or a raw mixture of Basswood honey, filtered water, and natural yeast. The yeast ferments the honey for about 3.5 weeks until the must reach an alcohol content of 7%. The Oaken Shell team then adds flavors like natural fruits, spices, or even more honey. The exact amount of reach ingredient is adjusted for each batch to give as consistent a final product as possible. The fruits are then removed, and the mead is filtered and bottled. At this point, Oaken Shell Mead is ready to be served!