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Our mead is now on tap at More Brewing Co. in Villa Park, IL, and available for purchase online.


Bow Ball
Strawberry Mead (7%)

Golden basswood honey wine flavored with delicious, ripe strawberries.


The Slide
Haskap Mead (7%)

Haskap is a delicious Japanese superfruit that gives off the notes of a sweet red wine.


The Feather
Ginger Mead (7%)

Golden basswood honey, wine flavored with fresh ginger. Good for the soul.


The Single
Traditional Mead (7%)

Basswood honey mixed with water and fermented to a light, semi-sweet honey wine.


Hops Mead (7%)

Golden basswood honey flavored with zesty Hops. Perfect for the craft beer lover.


what is Oaken Shell mead?

Oaken Shell mead is a high-quality drink produced by the simple process of fermenting honey with filtered water and natural yeast. 


mead-making process


It takes approximately 30 days to turn raw ingredients into Oaken Shell mead. We start by making a "must," or a raw mixture of Basswood honey, filtered water, and natural yeast. The yeast ferments the honey for 3.5 weeks until the must reaches an alcohol content of 7%. We then add flavors like fruits, spices, and even more honey. The fruits are removed, and the mead is filtered and bottled. At this point, Oaken Shell mead is ready to be served!


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